Big Silverlight News on Monday?

Seems like Microsoft has a big virtual conference scheduled for Monday: My guess is Silverlight 2.0 being officially released. Good thing they didn’t wait until Tuesday when Apple has some big press release scheduled (new macbooks?).

What Does Branding Mean?

A friend of mine asked me today to define the word “branding” for them. Like any good friend the first thing I did was Google the topic. I stumbled across this image from Quick Sprout describing the difference between Marketing,…

Project Rosetta

We all know that Silverlight is essentially Microsoft’s attempt at making a Flash killer (to me its more of a Flex killer, but that’s neither here or there). I’ve been saying for a while that Microsoft should be speaking to…

IE7 "Operation Aborted" Error on Many Sites

All of the sudden my IE7 was going crazy visiting many popular blogging services including Lifehacker and Gizmodo. It pops up this “Operation Aborted” error and then immediately clears the page when you click OK (which is super annoying). After…

Nik's 15 Minutes of Fame

My good pal Nik Molnar recently moved up the NYC, and was a guest on the .Net Rocks internet radio show. He’s mostly at the beginning just shooting the poop with the host, but its still pretty cool.